Conscious Reality Creation

Conscious Reality Creation Series

Articles by Thomas Leichardt, MTCM, DMQ (China)

The following articles, containing powerful insights about the nature of reality, inspire us to truly awaken within our physical life experience. The dawning of this knowledge is true awakening, such that we become lucid in waking life. In other words, we awaken within the dream of form and physical reality. We begin to create the life we want by learning to consciously direct thought, intention, and energy for the purposes of consciously co-creating within our physical time-space reality. Instead of remaining asleep and unaware of the awesome power that lies dormant within us, we truly come alive, we become lucid in our waking life!


About the author: Thomas Leichardt is a holistic medical practitioner applying various modalities to help restore his patients’ natural alignment with health, vitality, joy, and clarity. Thomas has an acupuncture and energy medicine clinic in San Jose, CA. He also teaches classes in energy medicine and is faculty at Five Branches University. Make an online appointment, or for more information, visit the author’s main site.




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