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OBE Retreat March 2016

OBE Retreat March 2016

Thomas Leichardt presents and demystifies the riveting topic of Out of Body Exploration (Astral Projection) at the CA Seth Conference in 2013. While offering a basis of understanding, as well as a sure-fire technique for getting out, Thomas also delves deep into the massive body of the Seth Material for quotes and gems of illumination, understanding, and realization.

Thomas teaches energy medicine classes in San Jose, CA, and is faculty at Five Branches University. He also has an acupuncture and energy medicine clinic in San Jose. Make an appointment.

More in depth lectures on the topic are available in audio for purchase at http://www.inneralchemycenter.com/cds-obe.shtml.

Visit the CA Seth Conference at http://www.californiasethconference.com/

More information: http://www.inneralchemycenter.com/

Video credits:¬†Executive Producer: Alan “Merv” Bornstein for the California Seth Conference.

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