The Basis of Happiness

The Basis of Happiness
Conscious Reality Creation Series part 3
By Thomas Leichardt, MTCM, DMQ (China) About Tom

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Continuing our series on Conscious Reality Creation, I will explore several practices that I’ve found immensely valuable in creating a much more joyful and rewarding life experience. These practices are all highly effective in that they help mold the feeling tone of our daily experience, creating a powerful sense of well being, which then literally changes the course of our lives, one day at a time.

All of these practices are based upon several important premises about who we are and our place in the universe. By understanding these basic premises, we already are well on our way towards creating the life we want. This understanding enables us to apply the practices with knowledge and faith in their inevitable outcome, which is to transform our lives from the inside out. As we implement these practices, the resultant inner change and alignment brings about a tangible and palpable effect upon our external reality.

The first important premise to understand is that we are vibrational beings primarily. This means, essentially, that we exist as energy beings foremost, and as physical beings secondarily. This is not to negate the importance of our physically oriented self, but rather, this correct understanding helps us to vastly improve our physical lives, so that they can be lived to their fullest potential. When we understand energy, how to use and direct it, then this knowledge transforms our physical and tangible daily life experience.

Expanding upon this premise, then, it is important to realize that we are emanations of source energy, projected into a physical medium, within which we then have our physical existence and experience. In other words, we are source energy experiencing a physical life. While we are physically oriented, however, it is also important to know that we are non physical beings simultaneously, that the majority of who we are remains non physical. The knowledge of our simultaneous physical and non physical nature is the basis for understanding our emotions, and using them as moment to moment guidance.

We are vibrational beings, then, and energy vibration is primary, but it is also vibration that determines our day to day physical experience. In other words our lives, our physical reality, crystalizes and molds around us based upon our inner personal vibration. That being the case, then, how can we come to know our vibration? If it is such a powerful determinant of our physical experience, then how can we tune into it, modulate it, and thereby create the life we want from the inside out?

These questions bring us to our next important premise, namely, the emotional guidance system. Our emotions, moment to moment, tell us exactly where our vibration is. Our emotions are indicators of our vibrational state of being. Along that line of thought, then, our physical reality is also an indicator of our vibrational state of being, however we will come back to that a little later. For now, it is important to realize that emotions reflect the variance between our personal vibration and the vibration of who we are as source energy. Remember, most of who we are remains non physical even while a portion of source incarnates into a physical existence. The non physical portion of us remains joyfully, lovingly, and consistently connected to All That Is, and holds that connection so that we may always have the ability to tune into it.

Think of the non physical source part of who we are as the Pole Star, a consistent beacon of light that we use to guide our path. Our emotions, then, are an indicator of how far we have deviated from our alignment with the source part of who we are. When we feel joyful, expansive, interested, alive, and in love with life, we are in alignment. Our personal vibration is a match to the source vibration of who we are. In other words, our thoughts, beliefs, and mental story are all in alignment with the way the source part of us sees the physically oriented personality that we are. As we vibrationally move apart from the knowledge of source, however, we begin to feel the various negative emotions that indicate that separation and departure from who we truly are. Our thoughts, personal story, and belief systems have fallen out of alignment with how the source part of who we are views the earth oriented part of who we are. To put it another way, we have introduced resistance to the life force energy that emanates from source. We have pinched ourselves off from the well being, love, and the expansive joy that we are as source energy. That resistance is experienced by us as negative emotion.

It is truly a wonderful blessing that we feel negative emotion, because it is an indicator of our departure from who we truly are. It is a signal that we have lost sight of our Pole Star, and that we are veering off course. Our emotions, then, are absolutely necessary indicators of our degree of alignment. They are necessary to help us consistently focus ourselves back into alignment with who we truly are.

Now, the last important premise to understand is this. Our vibration, as reflected in our emotional state, equals our point of attraction. It is our point of attraction that then determines what we bring into our lives. Probabilities are highly involved here, as we literally pull into our personal experience certain probable events over others, based on the law of attraction.

Now, with this basis of understanding, I am exited to explore with you some simple and powerful practices that help shift our vibration, and therefore our point of attraction.

One of the simplest ways to raise our personal vibration involves looking for the positive aspects of where we are, and seeing the good in everything and everyone around us. This will require some focus, as all too often we are used to seeing and looking for the negative aspects, or have habitually trained ourselves to see various situations and people in a negative light. So it is important to realize that whenever we look at something, or someone, we always have a choice to see it in a positive or negative light. There are always essentially these two sides to anything that we look at, and the choice is always ours as to which side we focus upon.

How we feel is an indicator of our alignment with the stream of well being that flows from source, so we know that any negative emotion is an indication of a departure from seeing things as source sees them. It is up to us, then, to come back into alignment with source by becoming more deliberate with our mental focus and stream of thought until they both match the source within us. We can get there incrementally, thought by thought, by consistently being aware of how we feel when we think each thought.

As human beings, we are incredibly choosy in many areas of our lives. We are very specific and deliberate in many realms, including who we spend time with, what cars we drive, what foods we eat, what clothes we wear, what movies we watch, what music we choose to listen to, what books we read, the way we comb our hair, and this list goes on and on. However, in spite of all this, the majority of humans are not very choosy with the thoughts they think. Surprisingly enough, most people don’t monitor their stream of thought at all, have little awareness of the contents of their minds, and just let their thoughts go on autopilot, unexamined and undirected.

Becoming more aware of our mindstream, and consistently choosing better feeling thoughts, will lead us, thought by thought, increasingly closer into alignment with the source within us. When we look for positive aspects of where we are, we train ourselves into a habitual pattern to see the best in what is, in everything, and in everyone that we encounter. This practice takes focus and intention, but it is something that everyone is capable of doing. When we train ourselves to see the positive aspects, we come closer into alignment with source, which is reflected in us through the positive emotions that we begin to feel on a more consistent basis. Our positive feeling emotions are indicators of the natural raising of our vibration that takes place through this simple practice.

Once we get the hang of seeing more positive aspects of where we are, something magical begins to take place. Not only do we feel better about where we are, but because our personal vibration has shifted, so has our point of attraction. And because our point of attraction has shifted, we begin to attract into our lives the very things that match this new higher flying vibration. Then, more good feeling things begin to flow into our lives! Our vibration attracts better feeling people, events, and circumstances, and then, our awareness of more positive aspects raises our vibration, and then, our vibration attracts even more good feeling things, while the awareness of even more positive aspects raises our vibration! As you can see, our habitual way of seeing the positive aspects gains more and more momentum, which definitely affects and alters our physical reality. Through the power of the law of attraction, we consistently draw ever more pleasing events into our lives from the vast fields of probable events that are possible.

Another great practice involves a simple shifting of our focus. In particular, we shift our focus away from that which is unwanted, and onto that which is wanted. In other words, we become solution oriented, rather than focusing on problems. This is a variant of the positive aspects practice, but it involves a little more imagination. Now, imagination is a powerful ally, which literally activates and directs through us the energy that creates worlds and sustains the entire universe. Before going further, then, it is important to understand and appreciate the power that imagination has to change our lives.

Everything that is made into physical tangible rock-bed reality begins first in the imagination, whether we are speaking of great art, architecture, medicine, technology, or achievements of any other kind. Great advancements begin when an individual or a group of individuals imagines a solution to an existing dilemma, or in the case of the arts, a new form of expression, all the while allowing that imagined solution or expression to be translated into physical form. Whether we speak of architects, engineers or artists, it is the genius in each of these fields that knows how to focus upon and hold their vision or idea, overcoming all challenges to it becoming material, until a physical version is finally made manifest.

Now, back to our focus shifting practice. Basically, every time we are faced with something unwanted, we can ask ourselves this question: what would I prefer instead? This creates a pivot in our focus away from the problem, and onto the solution. What would I prefer instead? This is a powerful question that creates a powerful shift in our focus. It is said that we bring about what we think about, therefore, it is very important to look towards what we want rather than remaining focused upon what we don’t want. Our emotions, our faithful guidance system, will let us know if we are focused in the same direction that our source is focused, because source is always looking at the solution. When we do the same, we come into alignment with that greater part of who we are, and it always feels better than focusing upon the problem, it always feels like relief. So we have to make a decision and set an intention, that today, I will give the majority of my attention to that which I do want or prefer, rather than to that which I don’t want. You’ll find that creating this habit of pivoting will naturally begin to raise your vibration, which will shift your point of attraction, and therefore alter the kinds of people, events, and experiences that you attract into your life. It will also alter the kinds of interactions you elicit from those already around you, because each person has many probable versions of themselves that they can show us in any moment. Again, probabilities are highly involved here, and our vibration will determine the kinds of probabilities we actualize into our physical life experience.

Now, each of us goes through our day, telling ourselves as well as others a story of our lives. Sometimes this story is in the form of inner mental dialogue, and sometimes it is dialogue with others, as we relate the events of our lives to each other. Now, another variant of the practice just mentioned, is to tell a new story about our lives, to ourselves as well as to others. Building on the idea that we want to focus upon that which we want rather than what we don’t want, it would be ideal if the story we tell ourselves as well as others begins to reflect this new focus. Now, we are often trained to look at what is, to “face the facts” and to tell our story based upon our observation of things as the are. However, when we keep our focus upon what is, and reinforce it daily with our inner and outer dialogue, then our vibration stays in a similar place, with very little variance. Therefore, while every thing in the universe is in a constant state of change, focusing so intensely upon what is will surely ensure that everything in our life will keep changing to more of the same. To get different results, then, we much change our focus, tell a new story, use our imagination, and shift our vibration into a new place. So lets get creative, tell a new story, and use our emotions as a gauge to let us know when we have successfully shifted our vibration. A shift will always feel like relief from where we are, and as we move up the vibrational scale, we’ll have access to ever more good feeling vibrations and thoughts, and therefore, life experiences. Telling our story of how we want things to be, rather than as they are or focusing upon current negative aspects, is a powerful way to shift our vibration and therefore our point of attraction.

With all of these practices, we have to make one main decision, which is to make how we feel important. We have to decide that feeling good is our dominant intention. To that end, we use the ability to focus our mind, to choose better feeling thoughts, tell better feeling stories, and to look for the positive aspects of wherever we are. To do this, of course, we always have to acknowledge where we are, and honestly appraise how we feel, so as to have an accurate knowing of where our current vibration is. Once we are really interested in how we feel, and are able to be honest with ourselves, even in our darkest moments, then we can truly begin to use the emotions as guidance. With a renewed awareness of our emotional guidance system, we can shift our vibration and point of attraction thought by thought, idea by idea. Just like all things, this takes some intention, focus, commitment, and desire, but with practice, we’ll get the knack for it.

There is nothing more exciting and exhilarating than the ability to shift our vibration no matter what our external circumstances are. This is true freedom, the ability to modulate our vibration no matter what is around us. To deliberately choose our vibration is truly one of the greatest freedoms of all, and yet, it is who we are, it is our birthright, and each one of us has this capacity naturally build in, for the basis of life is freedom. Let us awaken, then, to the inner freedom that awaits when we choose our vibration deliberately, emancipating ourselves from our dependency on external conditions to give us pleasure, security, joy, or a sense of well being. The beauty in all this, is that all of those good feeling forms and conditions will come to us anyway when we raise our vibration, and when our dependency on them to make us happy is gone. However, when we are dependent on the external circumstances to bring us happiness, we are always afraid deep down, frightened that those conditions will one day be gone or forever changed. Then we end up attempting the impossible, which is trying to control those external conditions, when all along it is our inner vibration that needs our attention. So let us awaken our inner freedom to deliberately choose our personal vibration, to come into alignment with the source part of who we are, and therefore to experience the true and natural joy of living that is uncaused by external conditions, but rather causes external conditions to come to us.

Our point of attraction is incredibly powerful, and when we modulate our inner energetic alignment we leverage the energy that creates worlds, bringing many cooperative components together on our behalf. The universe then literally conspires to manifest what we want, due to the alignment of our vibration, our point of attraction, and the powerful law of attraction which consistently brings us the equivalent of what we are offering vibrationally.

This article is based upon and inspired by the teachings of Abraham-Hicks as well as The Seth Material.

About the author: Thomas Leichardt is a holistic medical practitioner applying various modalities to help restore his patients’ natural alignment with health, vitality, joy, and clarity. Thomas has an acupuncture and energy medicine clinic in San Jose, CA. He also teaches classes in energy medicine and is faculty at Five Branches University. Make an online appointment, or for more information, visit the author’s main site.



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