Thought-Gestalt-Clusters, Self Aspects, & Feeling-Tones

Thought-Gestalt-Clusters, Self Aspects, and Feeling-Tones
Conscious Reality Creation Series Part 2
By Thomas Leichardt, MTCM, DMQ (China) About Tom

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Each thought is a micro-vortex, a collaboration of consciousness units (CU’s) with a specific tonal value. The thought itself is alive; it is vitality translated down into a semi-physical state. This thought-vortex, then, attracts other CU’s to it, specifically, those with an inherent desire to experience the same tonal value, thereby increasing the original thought’s energetic “mass,” and signal strength. In this manner, our thoughts literally create worlds.

Now, once a certain threshold has been reached, that is, enough “mass” and signal strength has been reached, this emerging thought-gestalt-cluster precipitates into physical form. Before it does this, however, the micro-vortex will keep gathering CU’s, building momentum, and collaborating with other micro-vortexes, that is, other thoughts of same or compatible tonal value, forming these thought-gestalt-clusters. These clusters have awareness in their own terms, imbued with the vitality and propensity of life itself; that is, they have the vitality and propensity to grow, expand, and fulfill themselves to their fullest capacity.

Thoughts are alive, then, forming realities of which you are aware, and forming realities of which you are not aware. Your thoughts literally create worlds.

Thoughts attract each other, forming clusters of aware-energy, infused with this great propensity of life itself, that is, for self actualization, self expression, and self realization of full potential. They precipitate info form on your physical plane, or, enter into other systems of actuality altogether, where their inner potential may be more easily developed. This accounts, incidentally, for vast amounts of energy-awareness, that enters your system. That is, thoughts of your aspects, alive and well in other dimensions, enter into your own system in bursts of new creativity; resulting in the awakening of latent talents, and sudden insights that enter into your awareness “out of the blue.”

These thoughts, then, emerging from your aspects, and seeking their greatest fulfillment, are propelled into your system by a force of attraction – that is, when these thoughts will find their greatest self expression in a time-space matrix such as your own, they will be instinctively drawn to it. In other words, they will be propelled into whatever system will provide the optimal conditions for their greatest self fulfillment, self expression, and self actualization.

Self Aspects

The physical self that you know is but one aspect of the greater Self, or entity if you prefer, or the Source Self. These are merely words, all of which point to a much greater and vaster reality than the human mind, in its current state, can begin to comprehend – though the human mind does indeed have the latent ability to comprehend many greater mysteries than you as a species currently allow, due to the narrowing of focus upon physical data alone.

Now, each self aspect connects to other existences, then, where a multi-stream of conscious connection exists, such that all action in this life affects all action in all other lives, and vice versa. The core belief work, then, affects not only this life, but all other lives as well.

These self aspects are doorways, then, into other existences, other planes, and other lives. The are connected – that is, the doorway exists, by virtue of the strong associations and correlations between existences. For example, in focusing on one’s role as a homeowner in this existence, one will find connections and correlates in behaviors and attitudes spanning multiple existences in which home ownership was a chosen curriculum.

Certain fears, then, may “intrude” from another existence, triggered by a similarity in situation from this life. Likewise, a feeling of safety and stability may permeate into one’s life early on, due to such experiences in one’s other lives, such that one’s stability in thislife is greatly enhanced. You’ll have a “bank” of stable feelings and experiences to draw from, should you choose to recreate that in this life.


Now, it is tremendously important to realize that all of your physical reality, with all of its paraphernalia that can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched, is at its basic core, a feeling-tone or combination of feeling-tones. We live in a tonal universe. Feeling-tones lie at the heart of reality creation, for they enable the basic vitality of the universe to assemble into pattern-form. Therefore, once you “get” the feeling-tone, the outside simply falls into place – it is the law of this camouflage reality – that it precipitates or crystallizes around these feeling-tones. The feeling-tones are themselves manifestations of this great and inexhaustible vitality of the universe, which in turn is translated into form.

Now, in living, we are learning to play this beautiful harmony of feeling-tones. That is, through feeling-tones, we literally create our own reality.

We are always in the most optimal position to learn the consequence of our choices in vibration, due to our ability to directly observe and experience the energetic and physical results of our own feeling-tones. The physical realm is particularly well suited for this kind of learning, with its time-scale forcing a certain kind of focus that is not possible in other realms. The reflective nature of physical reality is brilliantly suited to provide the most intimate and accurate results of previous and current vibrations that we hold as dominant feeling-tones.

Many of you have noticed, for example, that it is not just what you say, but also how you say it that makes all the difference, which demonstrates, in a very simple way, just how powerful the feeling-tone behind a few words can be.

In all aspects of life, one is always striking a feeling-tone, putting out a unique note or combination of notes that cause definite energetic responses from others. The most powerful feeling-tone of them all is Love. Humor is also highly effective, and Appreciation is exceedingly powerful.

Now, our capacity to choose sour notes is a very important aspect of this physical plane. It enables conscious choice, and a constant reflecting of our choice via physical experience. These contrasting experiences are vital to our growth and development, for it is through our effects that we can understand the cause. We are awakening to our own latent ability to consciously generate, always, a more desirable tone, or a detrimental one. The choice is always ours, and this is what we must now awaken into, if we are to join the ranks of beings who consciously create their own reality.

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About the author: Thomas Leichardt has an acupuncture and energy medicine clinic in San Jose, CA. He also teaches classes in energy medicine and is faculty at Five Branches University. Make an online appointment, or for more information, visit the author’s main site.

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The above article was inspired considerably by Jane Robert’s books, and a whole variety of spiritual teachers, friends, and life’s experiences. Thank you all!

Where there is Love, there is no effort.

Thomas Leichardt, MTCM, DMQ (China)

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