What is a session like?

What is a Session like?
By Thomas Leichardt, MTCM, DMQ (China) About Tom

I offer acupuncture, medical qigong and energy medicine, as well as consultations in life path discovery and conscious reality creation.

Healing Sessions
Energy healing sessions are done in person, and last about one hour. Our session begins with a brief interview about your health and reason for coming. Next, while you lay on the table, I take your pulse and look at your tongue, both of which are ancient Chinese diagnostic tools. Afterwards, I palpate your energetic fields, looking for areas of excess or deficiency. The actual treatment follows, and lasts about 30 – 40 minutes. After the treatment, I may prescribe simple movement exercises (i.e. qigong) that will help restore your natural state of health and well being.

I use ultra thin and sterile disposable needles to open energetic pathways in the body, affecting not only physical but also emotional and spiritual well being. My needling skill has been described as both smooth and painless. Most people hardly feel the needle insertion, or describe the sensation as akin to a mosquito bite. However, after insertion many report the sensation of qi flowing through some of the points or channels; typically described as a warm, tingling, or heavy sensation.

Spiritual or Life Path Consultations
I am available to discuss any aspects of spiritual or metaphysical life, including discovery and awakening of life purpose, conscious reality creation, altering core belief patterns, coming into alignment with light, love and your true nature. Ideas, processes, and special practices may be prescribed to help you move through a life transformation process, enabling you to manifest that which you truly want.

Appointment Times
Monday through Friday: 11 am – 6 pm

Make an appointment
Text or call:

tom ‘at’ inneralchemycenter ‘dot’ com

For more information, please visit the practitioner’s main page.

Clinic Location
Inner Alchemy Center (Thomas Leichardt)
1101 S Winchester Blvd, Suite N-267
San Jose, CA 95128



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